How to become a successful crypto trader - Some tips to become a successful crypto trader

 In today's post I am going to give you some tips and if you follow them I hope you can become a good crypto trader. And yes I am not your financial advisor but I am going to give you these tips based on my experience.

So let's Begin 

1. How do I become a successful crypto trader?

Follow these 18 tips to become a Successful Crypto Trader.

1.1. Educate Yourself:

If you want to become a good crypto trader, you first need to know about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and the underlying technology. 

1.2. Start Small: 

If you have just started crypto trading i.e. you are a beginner then I suggest you to invest little by little and invest more when you gain experience.

1.3. Diversify: 

And most important thing that don't invest all your money in a single crypto coin. Invest your money in different crypto coins, now there are more chances that a coin will give you good results and you will get profit.

1.4. Research:

Do your research on any crypto coin before buying it. You should check these things before buying any crypto.

1.4.1. The total supply of this crypto coin

1.4.2. The maximum supply of this crypto coin

1.4.3. The circulating supply of this crypto coin in the Crypto Market.

1.4.4. Check which crypto exchanges it is listed on.

1.4.5. Check how many people have invested in this crypto coin.

1.4.6. Check how much has been invested in this crypto coin.

1.4.7. Check which blockchain it is listed on.

1.4.8. Check out what new projects it will launch in the coming days.

1.5. Stay Informed:

 Stay up to date with new crypto news every day and know every good and bad news about crypto coin so that you can benefit from it.

1.6. Chose Good Exchanges:

Before starting crypto trading you need to choose good crypto exchanges if you invest your money in some exchanges which are wrong exchanges and they run away then you lose all your money. So Choose well-established exchanges with strong security measures. 

1.7. Secure Your Wallet:

My advice to you is to choose a ( hardware, software, or paper ) wallet if you want to invest in cryptocurrency for a long term. Keep your crypto in secure wallets. 

1.8. Set Goals:

Define your trading goals and strategies before you start. Before starting crypto trading, you should make up your mind about when you want to trade and whether you want to trade short-term or long-term.

1.9. Risk Management:

 Before investing in any crypto, you should be aware of its risks and keep this in your mind that you may get loss or you may get profit.

1.10. Trading Plan: 

Now you see which strategy is giving you profit and which is loss.  Adopt the strategies that are giving you more profit and make a plan which crypto you should invest in.

1.11. Use Stop-Loss Orders: 

Protect your investments by setting stop-loss orders. The most important thing in crypto trading that we forget is stop loss. If you learn to use stop loss correctly, you can become a good crypto trader.

1.12. Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis:

 Learn technical analysis to make informed trading decisions and Understand the fundamentals of the cryptocurrencies you trade.

1.13. Trend Following:

 Follow the market trend and check daily which cryptocurrency is increasing and which coin is decreasing.

1.14. Network: 

Join crypto communities to learn from others and share insights. You can join different crypto trading groups on different social media platforms and you can check daily crypto news and check how people are making profit from it.

1.15. Buy and sell:

Buy any crypto when its price goes down and sell any crypto coin when its price goes up. 

1.16. How do you know when a crypto goes down in price and when it goes up?

Before buying any crypto coin, you can check its past history to see when its value went up and down and you can predict its future value.  You can check all the history of this crypto coin from coinmarketcap.

1.17. Spot or Futures crypto Trading:

If you are a beginner so you can Star from spot trading, never do future trading because future trading is a very risky business and it is not for newbies, it is only for experienced people. As much as you can make profit in futures trading, you can also lose as much, you can make a lot of profit, your entire balance can be zero.

1.18. Short term or long term:

Short term means you can trade on a daily basis For this you should choose a good crypto and Start it's buying and selling. And keep an eye on this coin, as soon as its price is down, buy it, and as soon as its price goes up, sell it, then you will have a profit. And long term trading means you buy some good coins and wait long time when their price goes up then you sell them and you get good profit.